Meet The Team

Lead Dentist - Dr. Wen Liao

Dr. Liao

Lead Dentist – Dr. Liao’s love for dentistry and commitment to patients oral health is the baseline for your new dental office. 

She knows every patient by memory even the ones from when she started practicing especially those unruly ones… (so remember kids the line between water-boarding and dentistry is about as thin as the floss you are supposed to be using)


Emotional Support Pup- Bo is your in-house Dog-tor ready to assist you in lowering your anxiety.

Hypoallergenic by nature, sassy by choice (we constantly remind him he is a good boy, or else he get’s very sassy). 

Emotional Support Pup – Ava


Emotional Support Pup (in-training) –  Ava is your in-house canine assistant ready to assist Bo.

Very competitive, after graduation from pupper school she wants to take over the world but will settle for Bo’s spot!

Registered Dental Hygienist – Arturo


Registered Dental Hygienist –  Arturo’s passion for dental care is unparalleled …just like his great looks.

He’s been dubbed the gentlest hands in the southwest and is ready to get your smile back in full health.

Certified Dental Assistant – Nancy


Certified Dental Assistant –  Your lead dental assistant Nancy loves dentistry and is constantly perusing new certifications to better care for you every time you walk in. 

She is really quick ! If you see one of our staff members on the floor, they probably got in her path and she “gently” nudged them outta the way.

Certified Dental Assistant – Brandi


Certified Dental Assistant – Brandi is the first face you see as you walk into your new dental office,  has a passion for dentistry and helping people.

In fact! the passion is so strong she’ll chat with you for hours (please don’t chat with her for hours she’ll fall behind and will get in trouble).

Office Manager – Olivia


Office Manager –   Your highly driven practice manager. Strives to provide you excellence in your oral care, customer service and post visit interactions with every team member. 


She is NOT a scary individual at all… although every time she walks into the office the lights begin to flicker and the voices of employees past can be heard crying. 



We don’t really know what he does, he just showed up one day and never left. Usually looks busy so we leave him alone. 

Not to throw him under the bus… but he does love potluck Fridays, usually takes the most food home. (Not cool Rob, not cool)..

Treatment Coordinator – Irma


Treatment coordinator – Irma is your dedicated treatment coordinator, she will fight tooth and nail with your insurance company or finance companies to ensure best care for you. 

We think of her as our work grandma (not because of her age or the fact that she hates technology) but rather her “momma-hen” attitude towards everyone in the team.

Amanda Guerrero
Amanda Guerrero
Everyone is really friendly and answer all the questions you may have.
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez
It was a quick and easy process the staff was very helpful and insightful and knew what they were doing I have never been in such Good Hands Best Dental Care Ever ❤️ Thank You Southwest Family Dental
Muy buen servicio, recomendado altamente A mí me lo recomendaron y estoy muy satisfecha también.
Jessika Vigil
Jessika Vigil
The employees are always happy and polite. And I LOVE to see Bo and Ava! 🤩🤩
Loretta Nash
Loretta Nash
Got an appt right away. Dr. Was very thorough. Feeling so much better. Didn't have a long wait. 😊
sandra class
sandra class
The staff is wonderful. The front desk person went out of his way to explain the insurance coverage
Charles Judy
Charles Judy
Dennis the best dentist in New Mexico that I have ever been too, very helpful , very cautious, and very attentive to your needs. Big smiles from me and my family.
Henry Nguyen
Henry Nguyen
I’m so happy to have found this dental office. Pleasure with friendly staff on my first time appointment for teeth cleaning and had X-rays done as well! ( but I have to wait for insurance approval for deep cleaning ! I hope I will have good news from the dentist )

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